Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

Visiting the graves is of two types and I will try my best to write an understandable article on both aspects.

  • Visiting the Graves in other to seek Allah’s mercy for them and to and to remember death in other to prepare for the Hereafter.
  • Visiting the grave in other make prayer to the deceased and to seek for their help.

In other to make the this fatwa understandable, I will be explaining it one after each.

The first mentioned type of visit is in accordance with the word of the Prophet(SAW):

زوروا القبور فإنها نذكركم الآخر

Zuurul Qubuura Fa Innaha Tudhakirukumul Aakhira

Visit the graves as they remind you of the Hereafter

Part of a hadith recorded by Muslim, Ahmed, An-Nasai, Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah with the last word being “death” instead of “the Hereafter”. Ibn Mjah also recorded something similar with the last word being “death”.

Visiting the grave for the first reason which is to seek Almighty Allah’s mercy and to remember the Hereafter or Death is prohibited for the females.

This was prohibited for them because they cannot control their emotions and their grievance (the graves aren’t a place to cry but a place to pray for the deceased and seek Allah’s mercy for them) which may cause them and other people a great trial.

It was also reported that Umm Atiyah said;

We were prohibited from following the funeral procession but this was not strictly enforced upon us.

This means that they were only prevented from going there but weren’t really prohibited from going there, this mean that a woman can visit the grave if she is sure of controlling her emotion in other not to cause trial upon herself.

As for the other reason why people make visit to the graves, like to make prayers to them and to make some other heresies like seek for their forgiveness and mercy and taking sacrifices to them, is forbidden for both males an females.

Theses are prohibited by because they are a form of Shirk.

And Allah knows best

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